No guarantee can be given for timber doors installed in rooms with underfloor heating, air conditioners, dryers, gas and electric or combustion heaters, as this dries the timber and causes excessive movement as the timber shrinks.

Timber doors, like all wooden furniture, needs the application of good furniture oil at least once a year. This is not applicable if you obtain a sealed door from us.

Timber is a natural product and will expand and contract when the air humidity varies. Minor shrinkage is not a defect

Warping up to 5mm per 1000mm is also not a defect

Timber has natural colour variations.

North Coast Doors source only the best timber available at the time of ordering and select colours to the best of our ability.

However colour variations will occur between each piece of timber.

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Timber is a natural material that has stood the test of time; perhaps this is why it remains a favourite when it comes to kitchens and vanities.